Our Features

Fully Intgrated E-Sign

Sign and send important documents through the software no need to print, mail and scan .

Lead Capture and Tracking

Capture leads by integrating with your web site and landing pages.

ROI Insight

Track every dollar you spend and see which Campaigns and Marketers are really growing your business .

Referral Management

A smart and user-friendly process that guides your intake team through all the necessary steps to speed up Admissions.

Customized Reporting

Any report you require can be easily created in our easy to use Report Builder.


Visual insight into all your data. Visually track your Processes, Leads and Admissions in real time. Keep an eye on trends in order to hone in on efficiency.

Customized Service Builder

Add your Agencies' customized services to the pipeline so your agents can set them up in a pre-determined fashion.

Fully HIPAA Compliant

Inflowcare is fully HIPAA Compliant. Signing a BAA with us is no problem at all. Our site security is top-notch and exceeds industry standards.

Task Management

Automatically or manually assign any of your Users tasks, based on criteria you specify.


HHA Exchange

Use all the features on HHA exchange to gather with our software for better results


Simplify and secure business communications with integrated voice and conferencing features


SMS send text messaging to keep in touch with patients and send documents schedule appointments.

Call Back URL

If someone signs up on any of your online pages they will be put into the system automatically.


Zapier is an automation tool that serves as a multi-level bridge between 1000+ business web applications. Essentially, you can use Zapier to tie together two or more web apps to take advantage of their functionalities in an (almost) automatic way.

Who We Are

Inflowcare is a CRM for Healthcare Agencies, created by Healthcare Professionals.
While there are many CRMs out there, none are built with the complexities of Patient admissions in mind. As Healthcare Agencies know very well, the Intake process can take months from initial contact of a potential patient, until their final admission for services. The process can vary from service to service as well.
To add to the complexities, there is paperwork that needs to be signed, Documents required and Insurance qualifications which can differ based on the specific service. To tackle this issue, we made it easy for you, the Customer, to add your agencies’ services, customize work flows and upload all your paperwork (PDF) into the system to autofill and collect signatures electronically.
Then, we automatically connect the dots between the original lead and the Patient admission using reports and visual dashboards.
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