Introducing Inflowcare: The Homecare CRM
By Inflowcare
December 31, 2022
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Streamlining the modern Homecare Agency

Ask any homecare agency what their most significant pain points are today, and you’ll like to hear something about onboarding. 

With an ever-increasing list of tasks and paperwork, patient and caregiver onboarding is a labor-intensive process that’s time-consuming and prone to errors and delays. These challenges often leave agencies unsure of where their cases stand and patients and caregivers frustrated with the delay.

Inflowcare is our solution to this problem. Our CRM software allows homecare agencies to manage onboarding from start to finish so you can spend less time completing repetitive tasks and focus on growing your business instead. 

Patient intake and caregiver onboarding doesn’t have to be painful

Common onboarding challenges include tracking open cases, maintaining timely follow-ups, and receiving complete and accurate paperwork.

 In an ideal world, you would have full transparency into your cases and their onboarding stage. Everyone is on the same page about the next steps in the onboarding process. 

Workflows are streamlined and standardized, and documentation is completed efficiently and accurately, minimizing delays and reducing time to conversion. 

Many solutions have emerged, ranging from spreadsheets and project management tools, e-signature and SMS platforms, to full-scale enterprise CRMs. While these tools help alleviate the onboarding challenges, they are not tailored for the homecare industry. 

Agencies using multiple tools struggle with data spread across platforms, reducing transparency and introducing inefficiency. Alternatively, spending time and resources on building a custom solution to match your needs comes with a significant price and ongoing maintenance costs.

The stakes are high: your onboarding process shapes your agency’s growth trajectory. Delays in your onboarding process directly impact your bottom line and lead to unsatisfied employees, patients, and caregivers.

Introducing Inflowcare, a streamlined CRM for Home Healthcare

We created Inflowcare to solve the problem of onboarding – because, as homecare professionals, we experienced the same challenges as you.

We observed that the tools needed to onboard efficiently did not exist in a single platform. But the last thing we wanted was to spend time and money on a large-scale CRM implementation.

That’s where Inflowcare comes in. We designed a platform for homecare agencies that includes all the essential features needed to address the complexities of patient intake and caregiver onboarding.

Our homecare-specific software was designed to simplify and improve internal processes, centralize your workflows, and provide real-time insight into the status of each of your cases.

Ready to take advantage of technology designed specifically for homecare agencies? We’d love to chat with you.


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